portrait-margot1Ola everybody !
My name is Margot, I am a professional in cuisine (teaching cooking class, writing cooking books, giving cooking training), I have lived in several cities across Asia (Beijing where I was born, Bangkok, Hong-Kong, Taipei) and Europe (Paris and London). Now moving to Santiago I have a brand new world to discover. I am so excited that I want to share it all with you.
Lastly I gave numerous training for some of the best Chefs in Paris who wanted to learn about Chinese techniques. Eating regularly in the best restaurants in Paris has been such a pleasure that I plan to continue doing it in Latin America. But not only do I like to test the best restaurants, I also love to discover some low profile typical places highlighting a traditional and familial cuisine.
I’ll do all this together with my husband: it is always good to have a second opinion when it comes to sharing critics, plus his family is from a small village in France, exactly 10 km away from Sauternes so he knows a thing or two about wine.