Santiago restaurants review since December 2016

It has been a long time since we have started this blog so we have had the opportunity to come back in many restaurants we have tried. It is to be said that the level of the cuisine is not necessary very stable. If you go to one of the established places in Vitacura such as La Mar or Oz, you won’t be surprised, it has been there for years.

But some places we have highlighted in our blog are more artisan or new, so let’s have a  quick review of where they stand on the places we have revisited in Santiago:

Karai: That is probably the worst surprise we have experimented. The quality have completely vanished, but the prices stay at the same level. Apparently it has not been unnoticed by Maido as the name as also disappeared from the menu.IMG_20171014_134411 bis

Sukine: It was the first decent Asian food we found in Santiago, so probably we have been a little over enthusiastic at the time of writing the article. Still very correct food for money with a hint of what is the real Korean cuisine.img_20161224_131742

Métissage: Remains stable in quality and we can’t argue it tastes good. We were not that enthusiastic the last time we went, probably because we have discovered other better place to eat in town.img_20161207_130249

Ambrosia: Bistrot Ambrosia has opened in Providencia, a nice place to try in a competitive sector, prices are expensive. We have been a bit disappointed by some fishes we have ordered. Also it lacks of variety, same kind of menu, same kind of food. Nevertheless it remains good and if you not have tested it, you probably should!img_20170114_205501

La Mision: It lacks a bit of exotic for people used to French cuisine. But the choice of wine remains super attractive and the cuisine at high standard. Every single line we wrote in our article remains true.img_20170121_132408

La Popular Pizza y Pan: The place has established and even grew (they bought next door shop to expend). We go there regularly to buy our bread, sometime we stay for a brunch or a lunch. It is packed most of the time so you better arrive early if you want to get a table.img_20170107_120049

La Calma: The place is establishing, the quality of the fishes remains exceptional, the quality of the cuisine has even probably slightly improved. It is definitely our favourite place for seafood in Santiago.IMG_20170513_140034 - Copie

040: New menu, same level of exigency. Even more creative, sometimes it goes a bit to far in the technique in my taste but it for sure remains one of the top priority place to go if you want to enjoy the best of Santiago’s cuisine.IMG_20170616_205355 1

99: Quality is unstable but overall it remains great and value for money is unbeatable in Santiago. Still our favorite place we love to visit as often as we can.cropped-99-restaurante.jpg


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