De Patio, highlights the Chilean products with a mixed touch of Asia and Nouvelle Cuisine

We went to De Patio restaurant last week for a casual weekend lunch. I met the chef Benjamin once when I made bao together with the chef of the restaurant La Calma. People said a lot nice things about De Patio restaurant, and the short exchange with Benjamin gave me even more desire to taste his food.

The place is discreet even hidden but once you pass the door you arrive in a great terrace. At the end a big bar with view over the semi open kitchen. Really a nice place to be. Here we are, sitting at the bar and ready for lunch. So let’s go for the menu degustation!

So we began with a home made lemonade with ginger and mint leaves.

IMG_20180113_133659 bis

The welcome starter made with watermelon, melon and cherry (granite with Pisco and white wine); so refreshing for the hot summer days in Santiago.

IMG_20180113_133926 bis

The first starter with pamoleta fish, seaweed and home made vinegar of apple. We are not huge fan of Cochayuyo, sure we can eat but the taste is usually not so interesting. But here with a mix of some other seaweeds, we really enjoyed it… and the whole dish. Really great stuff.

IMG_20180113_134348 bis

Staying with seafood, the next dish was a pure astonishment: spaghettis with clams, frozen avocado and zucchinis. Great textures, complex and very well designed food. So so good!

IMG_20180113_135236 bis

Beef tendon with see lettuce and a Chinese style broth. Once again creative dish. And it works quite well too.

IMG_20180113_140521 bis

We are turning a bit more classic for the main dishes: a Merluza austral with Pebre and baby spinaches. Fish was perfectly cooked, and if it was less interesting, it was still good.

IMG_20180113_141609 bis

Mini burger with pork belly and Merken. It tends to be more classic in the Chilean new cuisine, but once again good.

IMG_20180113_142459 bis

Last main dish is a marrow bone with oysters and tapioca chips. A bit too fatty for me though I acknowledge it was an interesting dish.

IMG_20180113_143446 bis

First dessert was built around asparagus with some meringue, lime sorbet, crumble, honey and yogurt. The idea is interesting but we did not feel it as accomplished, from our perspective it needs a bit more work to better balance the tastes (the asparagus is very strong and dominates too much).

IMG_20180113_145319 bis

Second dessert was based on Chirimoya (Isberg plus soufflé) with an orange granite. Again complex and again not 100% accomplished. Both dessert were good and surprising but missing something.

IMG_20180113_150411 bis

Finally comes the bill and with only a bit more 50 USD per person for the menu, a lemonade and a glass of wine. Well it sounds like not expensive at all.

Open less than 1 year ago, De Patio is a place that makes Santiago cuisine panorama changing for the best. It is local and from everywhere at the same time. Very innovative and all good. Some dishes were even pure wonders. The place is great, the bill reasonable. Definitely in the Top 5 restaurants of the town, probably Top 3. But to confirm that we will need to go back at least a second time


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