Naoki, the Japanese food in his pure traditional way

My Chilean friend who is living in France recommended me this restaurant as soon as I arrived in Santiago and finally here we are!

In Chile, the Japanese food is somehow confused with the Peruvian style Japanese cuisine, but for me it’s quite different. In Naoki, you will not find the maki with cream or cheese on the menu, here we serve the real Japanese food.

Marcos Baeza, the chef of Naoki, began his career by washing glasses on the back of the kitchen, then he had the chance to meet Naoki Fukasawa, his itamae at Sakura restaurant in Santiago, and during 4 years, working with his master, he learnt really a lot of things about the Japanese cuisine. After the resignation of his master, Marcos changed the restaurant and worked for about 10 years before opening his own named Naoki to honour his master.

For a weekend day at lunch time, the restaurant was full. Here is what we had:

For the appetizer offered by the restaurant, tofu with avocado mayonnaise. Fresh and subtle, even my husband who doesn’t like tofu ate it.IMG_20170603_133649 1

Sashimi with salmon, tuna and sea bass. The fish is of a very good quality, extremely fresh, the flesh was tender and tasty even without sauce. I’m not a expert of the fish cutting, so I can’t tell these fishes have been cut worthily, may be not, but I don’t really care.IMG_20170603_135929 1

Maki Shibuya, with grilled eel and treacly sauce, our favourite. It looks impressive and it tastes very good too!IMG_20170603_140603 1IMG_20170603_140924 1

Some goyzas with shrimps and cabbage. The filling was great, tasty and balanced, but the goyzas skin was a little bit too thick and more importantly, the folding was not very delicate which was not very pleasant in the mouth. But compare to others goyzas in Santiago, it’s definitely one of the best after the ones of Osaka restaurant. This lack of technique can also be seen in the more classical sushi.IMG_20170603_142054 1IMG_20170603_142142 1

So Naoki for us is the most authentic and traditional Japanese in Santiago, the best place to eat Japanese food even if it’s not a very good value for money place, but anyway, you can’t find another better in the capital, and probably in the whole Chile. The Makis are fantastic. For the rest, authentic recipes and best quality ingredients ensure the essential: a great Japanese taste even though the technique is sometimes lagging behind.


Av Vitacura 3875, Vitacura, Santiago

Opening: Monday to Saturday, from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm, 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Tel: (2) 2207 5291

Reservation only by phone.


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