Maido, the best Nikkei cuisine!

In Lima, the gastronomic capital of Latin American (for me), one experience at Maido is a must, I would say it’s a Asian-latino fusion cuisine rather than a Japanese-Peruvian.

The chef is the N°2 on the list of 50 Best Restaurant in Latin America, just after the restaurant Central.a

We are invited to have a farewell diner before our leaving. I had a really good evening. That is our tasty menu. It’s a metaphor a beach, with crumble of toasted rice powder and a fish eggs cream on the bottom. Delicate, fresh and delightful. (Sorry for my photos which have been taken in the evening with no enough light.)IMG_20170320_193704

Second course is a ceviche, but just before the tasting, the staff sprinkled some crispy toasted rice to create a playing of texture. It’s elegant, classy and tasty, nothing to say.IMG_20170320_194403

The third course contained sushi with foie gras and the other one, with raw beef slice and quail egg. The dish arrived raw and the staff finished by grilling with a blowtorch, it was quite a show. So, the foie gras, the beef and the egg were juste grilled on the top, that gave an interesting texture and contrast of temperature also. Very good!IMG_20170320_195506

The next one was a another sushi with avocado, grilled fish and a sweet sour sauce on the top.IMG_20170320_200135

The fifth one was for me the less spectacular, maybe because I make so much dumplings at home. So the goyza with a kind of crepe dentelle, for me, it was little bit too dry, a little bit more oil for the pastry would be better, but it was still OK.IMG_20170320_201348

The following one was a grilled and lacquered pork in a fresh green salad leaf, so just wrap the pork with your hand and eat it ! Then you have different textures and flavors in your mouth, it was very pleasant! IMG_20170320_201735

The seventh was a super well cooked sea bass with fried garlic slices and a potato puree beside, it was topissime, now we began to see clearly chef’s formidable cooking level!IMG_20170320_203510

The eighth course, just to confirm our thinking, it was divin! The 50 hours slow cooked wagyu beef short rib with sake, mirin and soy sauce, simple as ingredients, but it was so amazing!!IMG_20170320_204528

For the dessert time, we have ordered 3 for 4 people, they were all wonderful, the one that we especially appreciated was this ceviche dessert with a mix of lemon ice-cream, macaron, chirimoya and tangerine, than a crispy sweet potato leaf on the top. Softness, crisp, sweet, tangy, unctuousness and strength, it’s a masterpiece!IMG_20170320_212125IMG_20170320_211949

The other one that I liked very much was a frio-caliente de chocolate, with berries and vanilla ice-cream and hot home nutella sauce.

Large menu might look scary but the truth is no plate was below great… and some above! Some are simple, other complex, the technique is not as perfect as in Biko but not far from it either. Choose what you want, you will like it. Taste what others ordered, you will like it too! Get through the experience dish after dish, enjoy every single one and don’t skip the deserts: unlike many other Asian places, here they are delicious too. One of the best restaurant in Latin America, and for sure the best Nikkei, unmissable if you like this type of food and even if you don’t, you should still go: this can change your mind.

*Just an anecdote: at the end of dinner, our friend in Lima who invited us told us that the Chef would open his restaurant branch in Santiago, that was a great news, so we could soon taste his wonderful dishes with only a couple of minutes walk! Now juste wait the official announcement!


Calle San Martín 399 Miraflores – Lima, Perú

Tel: +511 446 2512 or +511 447 7554

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Sunday: 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm


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