Dulce Patria, a colorful fairy tale

Dulce Patria, the modern Mexican restaurant led by the Chef Martha Ortiz. As soon as we make the first steps inside, we are immediately surrounded by a warm, colorful and intimate atmosphere, red velvet sofa, soft pillows, and you even have the chair with a bow tie behind !IMG_20170311_133805

But will the cuisine of Chef Martha be in the same note? Let’s see…

To start our lunch, we have a guacamole with a little bit of cottage cheese crumbs and pomegranate, very tasty, almost the best guacamole I’ve ever had.IMG_3258

The other starter we order is maize crisps topped with marinated salmon in a chipotle chili sauce.IMG_20170311_135848

Fresh, sparkling with different flavors, the butterfly shaped crisps among the colorful dressing, girly and elegant, the soft salmon fish in a spicy and balanced chili sauce, straight and sincere. Waooo!

For the main courses, the pork loin (hidden under the green Santa leaf) with a orange color sauce (made of pepper and tomatoes I suppose), the small purple points are made with violette which goes surprisingly good with the pork.IMG_20170311_142954

The rice to accompany the porc has been colored with a local purple herb whose name I forgot. The rice is well cooked and has a very subtil taste of this herb.IMG_20170311_143011

The other main course is a white fish with bean tamale and brava sauce (a very popular Spanish sauce made of red pepper, tomatoes, red chili, jerez vinegar and brown sugar). The tamale is filled with different Mediterranean style vegetables, it’s sunny, joyful, full of flavors. If one day you are in a bad mood, I recommend this dish, it will make you happy!IMG_20170311_173957


Now let’s talk about the dessert that we had: for me it is a “Maria goes to the flowers shop” and for my partner a chocolate fondant (corn flour in stead of wheat flour) accompanied by a pinole ice cream (pinole is a mexican drink made of roasted ground maize, mixed with cocoa powder, cinnamon, agave and other spices).IMG_20170311_151017My “Maria” is just so girly, but I still liked it, it’s a strawberries mousse with cream cheese, it’s soft, smooth and round-bodied. I would have loved a little bit more of acidity though.

For the chocolate dessert, it’s really good, a great combination of chocolate with local products like maize and pinole. IMG_20170311_150951

The restaurant is ranked number 48 of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants, the Chef Martha Ortiz had studied history and written culinary books before opening her restaurant. By the way, she is also a fan of Frida Khalo, so maybe all these flowers and colorful things are not just a coincidence!

This is the perfect place for women with character: so girly but with assumed strong taste in the plates. It is probably not the best technically speaking, the most balanced or harmonized dishes in Latin America. But it is good and full of strong flavors. We definitely enjoyed it very much and it stays in a very reasonable price range.

Lunch for 2 persons, 95 dollars.

Dulce Patria

Anatole France 100, Polanco, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexique

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 1:30 pm – 11:30 pm, Sunday: 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

Tel: +52 55 3300 3999







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