Ambrosía, perfect to enjoy special occasions

Ambrosía has been one of our priorities on our to do list when settling down in Santiago. The Chef Carolina Bazán has been working during one year in the restaurant Frenchie of Gregory Marchand in France and we feel this influence of bistronomy in her realization. But the atmosphere is far from a French Bistro: it is the perfect place for celebrating an anniversary. It is quiet, charming and classy. And the service is among the very best of the city.

But what about the food ? We choose a foie gras for starter, it’s a foie gras prepared in tea towel, soft, melting, delicate but with raised flavors in a very balanced way. These small black drops were flower gelly colored by squid ink.img_20170115_082436

For the main courses, I took a slow cooked pork with beans, carrots, beetroot, garden peas…, the sauce was amazing, full of savors in your mouth: sweet, sour, salty, fruity and a tiny touch of spicy, to be able to make this kind of sauce need time, meticulousness, experience, intelligence and inspiration too, bravo chef!img_20170114_205501

My the other half had a plate of roe, as soon as the first bite, you are brought to a forest in spring with the taste of undergrowth and the freshness, the meat had a perfect tenderness. I’d like to say again: “bravo chef”!img_20170114_205624

For the dessert: lemon tard style “brûlée” and tentation of chocolate with chocolate ganache and praline. The lemon tart is surprising, but very tasty and balanced, you have this crispy layer of caramel on the top, this changes from the traditional lemon tart and it’s well done.img_20170114_212015

And for the chocolate one, it’s prepared with very good quality chocolate which is quite hard to find in Chile. As a pure dark chocolate lover, we found this dessert is fairly tasty.img_20170114_212108

Yes the wine, we don’t forget, they have a very good selection of wine and their sommelier recommended this one for us.img_3069


Possibly the best restaurant in Santiago and for sure if you are found of French cuisine. Though we cannot say it is fully French. The Chef bring something else. There is a lot of work and delicatesse to balance each plate. The products are tasting great too. If you are familiar with great French cuisine, you won’t feel like “waoo it is completely new and so delicious”. All plates will remind you of a classical food you know very well but with a little something different that will make you wonder “It is very well done and I like this very special taste raising behind, but what is it?” Well it is what makes Ambrosia special, why you cannot eat this in Paris and why you will return anytime you find yourself an excuse to.

60 USD per person


Pamplona 78, Vitacura, Santiago
Tel: 2217 3075
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 12:30pm-15:30pm, Monday-Saturday: 19:30pm-23:30pm

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