Etienne Marcel, the French patisserie all in finesse

If you have no idea where to have a tea time with good sweet treats, I recommend this French patisserie hiden in a calm street in the Ñuñoa at Santiago. Here you can find French style patisseries like macarons (their special), éclairs, tart… but also some viennoiserie like pain au chocolat, croissant or baguette.img_20170212_143346

The place is cosy, relaxing, I really like it. For my solo tea time, I took macarons and fresh passion fruit juice. For the macarons, one was mango-ginger flavor and the other was chocuya (chocolate and passion fruit), they are so well done, the ratio between mango and ginger or chocolate and passion fruit was nearly perfect for me, it’s fruity and balanced, soft and crunchy. And the fresh juice tasted very good as well. I did had a good time!img_20170212_143733

The only thing that I regret was the shell of the macaron, the texture was very good, but the exterior of the shell was not enough smooth and shiny, perhaps because the quality of the local almond powder. img_20170212_143801

After my solo tea time, I also took 3 macarons for take-away, I chose black current, lemon and another chocuya (my favorite), but I’ve eaten them so quickly that I forgot taking photos ! But don’t worry, here is 2 photos of flyer with all their maracons.img_20170216_131822img_20170216_131803

You can also buy their products online and be delivered at home, and don’t forget they organize cooking classe to teach you how to make macaron by yourself !

1000 peso/ macaron, around 2000 pesos for juice

Etienne Marcel Pâtisserie

Teniente Compton 203, Ñuñoa Santiago

Opening: Tuesday-Friday: 1pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am-8pm, closed on Monday

Shopping online:



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