Pad Thai, the place for spicy lovers

Honestly, I didn’t hope to eat a good thaï food in Santiago because I found the people here are not yet getting used to spicy and hot food. So we went there because “why not, let’s try it”! And actually, the food is not as traditional as the one in Thailand, of course, but it’s OK.

For every main course, you can choose the degree of how hot you like it, you have from 0 to 5, I took 5 (the hotest one) and for my husband, 4. We do like very much spicy food, and were kind of desperate to find a place to serve it.

So that was what  we ordered: Pad Thai and green curry with shrimps.img_20170211_143332

The Pad Thai, was not amazing, but it was still good. There was too much sauce, because pad thai is a stir-fried dish. Normally there is not so much liquid underneath the noodles. Besides the pieces of chicken were cutted a little bit too big, but all in all we did like it.img_20170211_143404

As for the green curry, the essential was here: the curry was good. However the eggplants were not cooked enough, neither were the peppers.

But in both cases the deal was respected: despite imperfections, the taste was there, and the spice too! So unless you are used and found of spicy food, be carefull when answering the degree of spicy you want.img_20170211_145249

This restaurant is worth the detour when you miss spicy Thaï food. It is far from perfection, but not particluarly expensive, the place is nice and it offers a taste of Thaïland in Santiago. With a just a bit of better mastering in the cooking it could become a great place.

Pad Thai

Manuel Montt 231, Providencia, Santiago

Opening: Tuesday to Saturday: 1pm-12am, Sunday: 1pm-5pm, Monday: 7pm-12am,


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