La Misión, Wine and food going great

La Misión, situated in Vitacura at Santiago is a place where you can taste a very large range of Latin american wine. Actually, “Misión” is the name of first grape cultivated in Latam.

So we start our lunch with a biodynamic wine tasting, two red wines and one white wine.


Then come the first course, a modern style ceviche interpreted by the French Chef Jonathan Michel, the executive chef of La Misión. The dish was well balanced, delicate and neat. Seafood was delightfully fresh and the Tiger milk more than well executed. We both loved it!


The main course for me was a moroccan style lamb, I really liked it. It was soft and strong at the same time, sweet, sour and salty, provided by different ingredients like carrot, raisin, vinegar…, the whole is embellished by the pine nuts and walnuts, and of course the slow cooking of the lamb. A plate full of character.img_20170121_135532



The main course of my husband is a simple but delicious beef with a chef’s special bearnaise, and some home made great fries, lovely !img_20170121_135550

So when we finished the main courses, we were enchanted by their wine and their cuisine, eager to see what a French chef could offer us as a dessert!

Well, it was correct, but nothing exceptional, a bit disappointing after the experience so far. Pretty and elegant, but the taste is not as we expected, the texture neither. Hope they will make some improvements in the future.IMG_20170121_144830.jpg

Oh, and I did not speak about the wines enough! It is a great place to discover Chilean wines and beyond all Latin American wines. The card is disigned so you can taste many and the waiter can guide you in your choice… to some extent. (It is the best they do by the way as otherwise the service was pretty bad). The preselection is well done and the price for money good. They also got a terrace and offer tapas, so you can go just for an aperitif as well.

La Misión is a nice place. Sure it is centre on the wines and one great place to discover them, but not only, the cuisine is well above the average with different styles very often tasting better than in so called specialized restaurants around offering the same food. It is a bit expensive but we could forgive given the quality of the ingredients, the cook and the charm of the venue.


Av. Nueva Costanera 3969, Vitacura, Santiago

Opening: Monday to Wednesday 12:30pm-12am, Thursday to Saturday 12:30pm-01am.

60 USD per person


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