La Mar, peruvian seafood in Santiago

La Mar is situate beside the Parque Bicentenario at Vitacura in Santiago, and it’s a good adress to eat seafood.img_20170108_132752The restaurant is chic, spacious and luminous, but a little noisy with the music and the people speaking loudly.
img_20170108_135211For the starter, we took a tasting of 4 different ceviches : classic, mixed, nikkei, they were all good and we appreciated especially the classic one and the nikkei one. From the photo, we can’t realized the quantity these 4 cebiche, but there were definitely enough for two, I almost was not hungry anymore after that.
img_20170108_142201Then for me, I ordered a linguine with seafood, but the waiter served me the rigatoni instead and would not tell me if I didn’t asked. But anyway, the dish was delicious, with different kinds of seafood, particularly the locos (Chilean abalone).  img_20170108_142122For my second half, it was the conger fish with octopus and shrimps, served with potato puree and hot chili sauce, very nice too, but in my opinion, the puree was not necessary.

The restaurant La Mar has the same standing like his neighbor OX, but the service is by far less professional. The dressing is hardly average and the plates lack of finesse. Nevertheless what they offer to eat is very tasty and quite generous. A bit expensive too but overall a good seafood restaurant.

La Mar

Av. Nueva Costanera 4076, Vitacura, Santiago
Tel: +562 2067839

Opening: Monday – Wednesday: 1 pm – 3 pm, 8 pm – 11 pm. Thursday – Saturday: 1 pm – 3 pm and 8 pm – 00 am. Sunday: 1 pm – 4 pm


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