OX, a restaurant for beef lover

We’ve been there for a Sunday refilled – after sport lunch. Some of our gourmet friends told us that is a very good place to eat beef, and that is fair.img_3060

The appetizer was quickly served as soon as we took our seats, then the “garçon” (yes, the servers are all males here !) came right away to ask what we wanted for drink, and all this was happening in less 3 minutes ! So the service was really effective and professional !img_3022

The appetizer was really good, especially the beef cooked in a sauce with a light touch of hot chili. After the appetizer, we went straight for the main courses : a beef filet and a tasting of three different meats : duck, beef and lamb, served with potatoes in form of dome. The meat was well cooked. I appreciated the duck breast and the lamb, tender, juicy and surprisingly they went quite well together ! My husband did however mainly enjoy the beef. Beef, that is what Ox is all about!

Beef filet
Tasting of three meats : duck on the left, beef on the back and the lamb in the front

I also ordered a stir-fried mushrooms, but it was a little bit too watery for me, if they had been cooked longer, that would have been better. Plus it as supposed a mixed of mushrooms while in fact 90% of it was “champignon de Paris”.

For the dessert, considering what we have eaten, we just want to share something for two and we choose this one called “chocolate variations”, hummm, let’s say they just have a different vision of “chocolate variations”. For us, the only thing which deserves to be called chocolate is the ice-cream in the middle. And even this ice-cream himself was not terrific. So it was quite disappointing.img_3058

We did appreciate the good service, we liked the meat and appetizer. If we should come back another time, that would only be for the beaf, no dessert, and no vegetables either. Then the bill would be more reasonable and worth the price.img_3061

OX Restaurant

42 USD per person

Nueva Costanera 3960, Vitacura, Santiago

Opening: Monday – Saturday: 1 pm-3:30 pm, 8 pm – 00 pm. Sunday: 1 pm – 4 pm.

Tel: (2) 2799 0260

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ox-Restaurant/179517628765199



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