La Popular Pizza y Pan, making the most of their delicious bread dough

They have a great passion for the dough, the one with sourdough specifically, and this passion results in creating La Popular Pizza y Pan. A panaderia in the area of Francisco Bilbao in Santiago, where you can find different varieties of sourdough breads (3000-3500 Chilean pesos each) : the nature one with white flour,  the “integral” one (with wholemeal flour and white flour), or with a touch of sesame.img_20170107_111806img_20170107_111812 I really like their nature sourdough bread, when you cut the freshly baked bread, the cracking sound when the crust meets the knife, the wonderful smell of wheat coming out from the bread crumb, all this is so comforting and palatable.img_20170107_124936I’ve been there twice and have tasted their products quite a lot. My other favorite is the bread ( 3500 Chilean pesos) with chocolate, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and orange zest, it’s so gourmand, it’s crispy outside and soft inside, it’s really addictive.img_20170115_125458Oh and don’t forget the pizza! For me, a good pizza must have at first a very good dough, it’s really important. And I like pizzas whose dough is quite thick with a lot of air bubbles to lighten it. That way it creates contrast with the topping. Of course I’m satisfied here, it might be the best pizza dough in the whole Santiago! The pizza (6500 Chilean pesos) I buy for my second visit is with red onion, egg, mozza and basil, simple but full of flavor.img_20170115_132709You can seat there and eat anything that comes out of their oven. Even on Sunday, you can order a pizza, you may take it away if you prefer. In any case if you love bread, that is an address in Santiago you cannot skip! Try absolutely the breads and pizza. Plain, salty, sweet, whatever you like there is something for you here and for a very reasonable price. Also, if you are interested, they organize bread or pizza cooking classes.img_20170107_111744

La Popular Pizza y Pan

Av. Francisco Bilbao 2793, Providencia, Santiago

Tel: 9 6303 6880

Opening: Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm

Contact for cooking classes:


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