Cocina Planeta, healthy day-to-day food at Mercado Organico Santiago

One day, by chance I passed by the Plaza de Peru and I saw this tiny but cute organic market. In Chile, it’s not still common to see and buy organic products in comparison with some others big cities like New York, Paris or London. Still there is more and more small organic shops across Santiago and we can feel that the concept of “eat well and healthy” is developing quickly.

In this organic market, you can find vegetables, fruits, bread, honey and some hygiene products for every day’s life twice a week. And you can also have your lunch, concocted by Cocina Planeta. It’s a fixed menu with a fruit juice, a soup (cold or hot), a main course, a dessert and a coffee, you have option to select less than the entire menu for instance just the main course with drinks.

So that was our lunch:img_20161228_124918Apple and kiwi juice, gazpacho de tomato with basil, a vegan burger made with porotos and empanada with pumpkin and zucchini filling. The meal was tasty, the burger bread was savoury and had a good texture. The gazpacho was dense and delectable.

Vegan burger with porotos, tomato and salade, fried zucchini with a wholemeal breadcrumbs.

For the dessert, it was a kind of brioche/bread with cinnamon and chocolate sauce. It will be nice for a tea time, but a little bit too much at end of a lunch. The chocolate and the coffee were the two only ingredients whose quality were a bit disappointed.
img_20161228_130354And don’t forget we can also buy their foods: bread, empanadas, some vegetable puree and some sweet treats. For me, I bought a sourdough bread, of course with organic wheat flour, it’s beautiful, isn’t it ? For sure one of the best bread we had in Santiago so far.img_20161228_133726It isn’t the trendy place of the year, pick-nick in the mini garden on wood table under an indispensable parasol and paper plate. It isn’t an elaborated cuisine either. But the products are good and they are well combined. You get a nice, healthy and complete lunch and it will cost you no more than a bad salad or sandwich. So if you are near Plaza Peru on a Wednesday or Saturday at lunch time, you know were to stop by! For us we plan to take the 15′ walk once a week, it’s definitely worth it.

Cocina Planeta

Texas 1099, Vitacura Santiago

Tel: 09 9200 3438

Mercado Organico

Wednesday and Saturday 9 am – 14 pm

Plaza Peru, Santiaogo

Vitacura: Avenida San Josémaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5600, Santiago


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