Sukine, a taste of Korea in Santiago

Sukine is a restaurant in Santiago where you can find genuine Korean cuisine. We have been there twice already, it’s a very casual and popular canteen, inexpensive and the service is quite efficient.

According to the Korean culinary tradition, whatever the meal, it’s always accompanied by some small common dishes to share, mainly vegetables, of which the kimchi is a staple.

img_20161224_130304We order the bibim bap every time we go there, but be careful if you prefer (as we do) the hot version of the dish because the name changes to dolsot bap. It is served in a heated stone bowl with vegetables, minced beef and a fried egg on the top of the rice. Don’t hesitate to stir everything before eating, and don’t forget adding some Gochujang (Korean red chili paste) if you’re fond of spicy. This dish is balanced and enough on quantity if you are not an ogre. Even if the meat is not of best quality you should not be disappointed. It is good Korean food. The vegetables are good, the preparation is well done, and it really reminds us of our visits to Seoul!
img_20161123_225718For our second visit, we tried something new and ordered the madukuks, a kind of Korean jiaozi (the Chinese name), or gyoza (the Japanese name). You can choose them steamed or fried. They look good, don’t they? Well unfortunately they are not. They are tasteless just as the substandard frozen dumplings.
img_20161224_130611We have been luckier with our second try: the bibim kuksu. You should only go for it if you like it spicy. I mean really spicy, Asian spicy. But if you do, it could be the perfect match for a hot summer day.
img_20161224_131501Just like the bibim bap, stir the noodle before eating. Oh and if you are vegetarian, this dish is simply made of cold noodle served with fresh salad, cucumbers, seasoned with sweet and hot chili sauce, so go for it!


If you are tired of hamburger, sandwich and pizza, this place certainly tastes different! The menu is (too) large but if you stick to the Korean classics you won’t be disappointed: Sukine is a great Korean canteen costing less 10 dollars per person for a balanced and gourmand meal. Besides you can shop your Asian products in the supermarket nearby!


Antonia López de Bello 244, Bellavista, Recoleta, Santiago

Tel: 7358693

Opening: Monday-Saturday 12:00 pm-10:00 pm


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