99 Restaurante, getting Chilean cuisine to the next level!

22th place in rating of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants 2016, we were of course curious about their cuisine. So we went to this place on a sunny Saturday for a pre-Christmas celebrating lunch. Chatting with the lovely waitress we learnt that this restaurant has 3 Chefs from various horizons working together to propose a unique and creative cuisine.

We didn’t have to think over about what we would order because there is no choice: the menu is fixed for the day and composed of 6 courses : two starters, two main courses and two desserts. (You can cherry-pick if you are not hungry but we were and went for the whole thing).

Starting with two cute croquets of white & black beans lying in a originally shaped wooden bowl, a pumpkin cream with green curry underneath. The dish was beautifully executed and full of flavours. Some potato pickles added an hint of sourness on the top. The bread crumbs was well done (neither too oily nor to thick) so the overall mixture of savours were delightful.


The second starter was called “chapalele con magret de pato”, the duck breast was dried and subtly smoked, served with a prunes sauce and puree. The potato was a little bit roasted and crusty. We especially appreciated the association of duck with prunes.


The main courses are risotto with mushroom (technically excellent and very good to eat but no surprise there) followed by pork ribs BBQ with home made kimchi and hot chili sauce. The meat was tender and melt in the mouth, sweet and salty, and  gently spicy. We are kimchi lovers from our times in Asia. The kimchi of the 99 restaurant is different from anything we know, much more crispy in particular. Different but really tasty. The waitress was praising the German Chef’s capabilities for fermentation. Well she was right! This main course was the most generous one, once again with a lot of different flavours that were getting along very well. But for once, the proportions of the various preparations in the plate were a little unbalanced.


A lot of good was said by the waitress about the dessert, so we were impatient. The sorbet accompanying the lemon tart was made of cucumber and apple, we were pleasantly surprised, these two ingredients made a very good match actually and brought the freshness this excellent lemon tart deserved! Clearly another fantastic and well executed dish, full of surprises and balance.


And the Opera, elegant like the name, the strength and the sweetness of the Opera were as good as expected after the 5 great dishes we had. Oh and we know now that the Chefs like using the crumble to bring a bite of crispiness. Working! One more time! Sadly for the last time today.


I don’t know yet if this is one the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, but that wouldn’t be a surprise as I am sure it is the best restaurant we have tested so far. Here we are talking cuisine! Creativity, best use of the products, elegant dressing, balancing the savours, studying the texture and the quantities to deliver the best possible plate to the client. In the spirit of the “Bistronomie”, with no too much expensive ingredients but all good, all well prepared and astonishingly cheap. Just out of the restaurant and already in a hurry to confirm our opinion with 6 new dishes… sometime soon.

Menu in 6 courses with 1.5 cups of wine : 38 USD per person.

Andrés de Fuenzalida 99, Providencia, Santiago

Tel: +56 2 2335 3327

Opening: Monday-Friday:  1pm-2:30pm, 8pm-9am



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