Rubaiyat, de la hacienda al plato


Rubaiyat is not just a restaurant. In a country where intensive farming often undermines quality, those guys have decided to think different. It all started in Brazil with a ranch where they raise their own beef. « de la hacienda al plato »*,  that is the restaurants’ philosophy.


We’ve been to their Chilean branch, located in the heart of Vitacura. This Santiago’s commune arbours quiet houses, trendy shops and… some of the best Restaurants of the city. Passing the terrace and the bar, you arrive in a large dinning hall bathed in the sunlight coming through the roof. It can become a bit noisy when the restaurant is full, but the design is agreeable plus it is always a plus to see the kitchen and the grill in the back of the hall beyond a glass.


The specialty of Rubaiyat is of course the beef, you have a large choice of different parts of the beast and different races. For us, we ordered a filet and a “picanha” the Brazilian Black Angus. All the beef dishes come with pomme soufflée and baked tomatoes. We chose to add some extra side dishes delicious mushrooms and a “papa rellena”. First time we order this food in Latin-America (basically a big potatoes stuffed with cream, onion and cheese)!


But let’s talk about the meat: that is why we went in the first, no? And well we have not been disappointed! The meat is tasty, the cooking is perfectly done as requested. Used to European restaurant we ordered small pieces but the quantity was enough to kill our hunger (not to mention the “papa rellena” that would have done the trick if beef was not enough). We took some wine by glass. And the glasses are generously filled. Which is appreciated as the wines are more than correct.


We were full before the dessert arrived. But looking at this tempting Tarte Tatin, who could resist? By the way, don’t forget to order it at the beginning of the meal because it’s prepared on order and request about 30 minutes’ baking. This tart is just lovely, delicious caramelized apples lay on a super thin pastry; all this is accompanied with a home made vanilla ice-cream. It’s a dessert very well achieved, just a tiny little too sweet for me, not because of the over dose of the sugar but probably because of the apples grown in the strong Latin America sunshine.

The service is not totally perfect (but we yet have to find such a place in Santiago) and the bill is somehow high (we paid 55 USD per person). Plus this is not the place to look for advanced cooking techniques and innovation. But if you’re desperate for a good piece beef well accompanied in Santiago and don’t mind paying for the quality, then Rubaiyat is the place you are looking for!

Rubaiyat Santiago de Chile

Nueva costanera, 4031
Vitacura Santiago de Chile CP 7630000

Opening : Monday-Saturday : 12:30pm – 3pm, 7:30pm-10pm  Sunday : 12:30pm-3:30pm

*from the Ranch to the Plate


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