El Huerto – a patchwork of good vegetarian food

Let’s be clear from the start: we are not vegetarian; I mean we love meat and often got a sensation of unfinished business when having a veggie diner. And yet we do love this restaurant.

El Huerto is located in the very pleasant neighbourhood of Providencia, the staff is friendly (not efficient but friendly), and the dishes are tasty, generous and affordable. It’s by far our favourite veggie restaurant in Santiago.

The restaurant offers a large menu with inspiration from different international cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chilean and so on.

We’ve been there two times already (and planning for more), once for diner, the other for lunch, and we have never been disappointed by any dish ordered so far.

The meal is always beginning with some home baked individual bread made of wholemeal flour and sea salt, simple and tasty.


Nepalese style curry with lentils and various vegetables, spiced with fruits chutney and pickles, spicy, tangy, sweet, it’s strong and soft at the same time. Like in the Annapurna, but tasting much better!


Tapas del mundo with ratatouille, puree de asparagus, roasted potatoes, red beets and small glass of gaspacho. The plate is not beautifully composed (this is not a place you go to admire food dressing or impress your girlfriend, it is more the casual cool type of place) but each preparation tastes good highlighting some chosen natural product(s).


And to finish, the lovely apricot tart with a crunchy pastry made of poppy and sesame seeds, the whole dessert was in a very reasonable amount of sugar, nothing to say!

And the best is yet to come: the bill: we paid less than 20 USD per person!

Sure it is a Veggie restaurant, but El Huerto is mainly the best value for money we found in Santiago to date. The products are good, you got plenty of different tastes some you’ll like more than others but always for a very reasonable price; the cooking is done with no mistake and even a bit of creativity or change of scenery. We let you go there and name it!

El Huerto

Calle Orrego Luco 54, Providencia, Santiago

Tel: (2) 2231 4443

Opening: Monday-Saturday: 12:15pm-11pm  Sunday: 12:30pm-4:30pm



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  1. I’ve been meaning to go here but haven’t made it yet. As a veggie living in Santiago, I love to explore the options 🙂


    1. Latam food says:

      Thanks for your comment, hope you’ll try and like it ! Let us know if do. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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